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Single Mom on Mother's Day


I'm finally at a place in my life where I'm happy to be a single mom on Mother's Day!


There are no expectations for the day. I don't wake up anxious or frustrated about what the day will bring. I'm grateful to be a mom without having a fuss made about it. I cherish every precious moment given to me with him. The bond that we share will be like no other I will ever experience and I never take that for granted. 


A single mom on Mother's Day can be difficult for some. My heart aches for those that have lost a child or mom. There are no words that could ever come close to easing your pain. But know that I'm deeply sorry for your loss. 


It can also be lonely and hard to consider it just another day of chores when you've had a fuss made over this special day in the past.  


Like with anything in life, we can decide to make the best of the day or we can make it miserable. I choose to see it as another blessed day to be on the planet with the opportunity to spend it with my son. I feel happy for all my friends and family that share their special day on social media. It's good to see their joy.


As a single mom on Mother's Day, I still have to wake up at the crack of dawn and take care of 'business as usual'. But when my child remembers its a day for me and gives me a handmade gift, everything else in the universe just melts away. I'm truly a very blessed mom.


Every single mom on Mother's Day is different in what they secretly wish for on their day. Of course, we are grateful for our kids, for health, for all the little things we are all typically grateful for. Some single moms are so used to living on a 'need to have' not a 'want to have'. If you ask a single mom what she wants for Mother's Day, she may not give you an answer, say she doesn't need anything, and/or joke about something unattainable. I've put a little list together that I believe every single mom secretly want's.




  1. A certificate to get a massage, manicure/pedicure, or hair appointment. Along with your babysitting services for when the appointment is made. Or a certificate for a babysitting service for the appointment. 
  2. Her favorite bouquet of flowers and/or chocolates with a thoughtful card.
  3. Support for her business. Purchase her services, products and/or spread the word about it to others. (This is my secret want.) If you're feeling generous, here's a link to my Recipe ebook, Services, and Products. Shameless plug, I know.
  4. A certificate for a maid service.
  5. A membership to a pool, zoo, or something to help keep the kids entertained throughout the summer. 

You get the idea. There is always something a single mom secretly wants. She may never ask for something for herself, but there's always something. You just have to know her well enough to just do it. No questions asked. Kind and thoughtful little surprises are the best.


Spreading kindness on Mother'ss Day gives a single mom an unbelievable gift that means more than you may ever know. But it also lifts our spirits when we give and expect nothing in return. Even if it's just to say to her how much she means to you and what a great job you think she's doing as a mom! 


One Mother's Day that I will NEVER forget is when a friend secretly sent a bouquet of flowers along with a card from my small child to my house. I was more shocked than I had ever been. I didn't expect anything from the day. The thought that went into this gift meant so much more than the gift itself! It brought tears to my eyes for so many reasons, especially since I was going through a very difficult time.


I hope I've inspired you to reach out to a single mom on Mother's Day this year. 


Please leave a comment to share your experience. Do you have something to add to this want list?


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